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Golden Gate Park

Client Reviews

Professional Testimonials

When it comes to completing any project, Bay Fog believes the commissioning client plays a vital role. The most successful projects they have taken on were those in which communication with the client was open, professional and honest. Check out some of our happy customers, below!

Client Testimonials: Clients
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Luna S.

The Personal Touch

Some clients know exactly what they want from a project, while others need more guidance. In the case of Luna, Bay Fog had a blank canvas. Slowly, this partnership resulted in a beautiful, creative and cost-effective project.

Luna said, "Christopher at Bay Fog is a SUPER talented problem-solver, with mellow energy and a helpful spirit -- always fair with pricing, he goes above-and-beyond to work with my picky visions and bossy ways!

He's such a hard worker, and (like me) a perfectionist... but is an artist, with a truly laid-back demeanor that helped me feel at ease about our projects. He's DEFINITELY the man to go to for all your wildest home-management needs.

He even helped me with my tenant inquiries and fixer-upper side-jobs, Christopher's calm, matter-of-fact attitude will handle all the hard work for you!"

-Luna S.

Client 7

Meg Q.

Intentional Planning

This client had a specific agenda in mind when they hired Bay Fog. Once their complex project went into development, Christopher came up with an even more refined concept that exceeded all of the client’s expectations.

Meg said, "I am thrilled to write this review for Bay Fog, in the hopes that they can transform someone's life the way that you did for me!

Christopher has a passion for nature and its patterns, and helped me mirror those patterns my own home and garden.

He loves accommodating people he works for and knows all the best info about drywall and electric, even helping me with my plumbing!

The best part was how he saved all my plants, improving my own caretaking and soil health, and saved me grueling trips to Home Depot!

It is so obvious that his top priority is making sure your property is left so much better than you could have imagined it!"

- Meg Q.

Client 5


Collaboration at Its Best

Hera chose Bay Fog after visiting one of their landmark projects. Following a long design and planning process, the building finally got underway and they couldn’t be happier with the final outcome.

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